JFK Conspiracies — Are They The case?

The JFK conspiracy is among the most appealing lines of questioning of all time. The assassination of Tom F. Kennedy in Based in dallas, Texas, on November twenty four, 1963, as well as the death of prime think Lee Harvey https://thejfkconspiracy.com/the-media-covering-of-jfk-assassination-and-conspiracy-theories/ Oswald over the following day by a great unidentified sniper has started numerous additional conspiracy ideas. Many of these reports have been extensively investigated and still have varying degrees of credibility. Some are completely crazy theories that contain circulated for many years, while others tend to be plausible. Among the most believable hypotheses revolves around Lee Harvey Oswald’s trip to South america City before the assassination attempt.

According to this conspiracy theory, the Cuban consulate in Mexico Metropolis was being utilized by the CIA as a cover for Lee Harvey Oswald’s trip. The story moves that CIA operatives had been training some Mexican Mafia members in Cuba and Mexico City as guerrillas to aid the CIA in Cuba. A pair of these men, none of to whom had preceding ties to the JFK murder, were selected to travel to South america City on traveler visas. Once there, they were supposed to be part of a group that would exécution the Cuban leader, but instead they were placed into a vehicle influenced by a worker of the Tx Mafia with connections towards the murder. The „hit team” was thus allowed to visit Mexico City and have a shooting war with the community guards and police now there.

Another variation of the JFK assassination conspiracy theory says that Lee Harvey Oswald is at fact the prospective of the struck team, rather than Lee Harvey II. The theory goes that due to the fact that Shelter Harvey II was obviously a Jew, the planned killing had to be carried out as an Anti-Jewish work. This variant of situations is entirely inconsistent when using the documented details, including the reality the Secret System was actually active in the assassination. You cannot find any evidence to assist either type of occasions, and even if it did happen, that doesn’t means that the Secret Service was mixed up in assassination, or perhaps that the Warren Commission got it wrong!

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